Saturday 15 February 2014

Marcina Arnold: Poetry and Music

The multi-talented Marcina Arnold is joining Shake! for the second time to collaborate with our poets, helping turn their work into beautiful and powerful musicalised pieces of spoken word or song.

As a contribution to our reflections on our current Shake! themes, “Remembering, Re-imagining, Reparations”, Marcina shared with us her poem Common Rumour, which was featured in her first album.

Common Rumour speaks of the struggles of being of multi heritage and dealing with other people’s perceptions and projections. Marcina’s poem, enhanced by a mix of enchanting sounds from across the globe, proposes that we re-imagine multi heritage, eliminating prejudice and assumptions that define how we see each other.

“It was a common rumour, that being mixed would be confusing…”

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