Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ballad of the Earth - a poem in Tribute to Ken Saro-Wiwa

Tanya shares a chillingly descriptive poem tackling the ecological state of the world. Tanya is brave new writer confronting issues head on with sharp vision. She takes you deep into the world of the poem as you read the words along with her.

Ballad of the Earth

The guns shake the voices beneath the hollow earth
Wailing in agony, protesting in vain
Tortured by the cries that rise above

Possibly are they the voices of the lost
Killed by the Shell from above

The oil that choked the blood ridden earth

The earth juddered in protest
The pain of the above and below unbearable
Scars imprinted on the godforsaken soil telling a story of injustice
The rain that falls into the chasms of the land

The flip-flops squelch against the dark, devouring oil
That washes the soil like a river of death, black and menacing

The woman stands on the ashes of utopia
And looks above at the black hole of sorrow
Her child clings on behind, the oil in the soles of her feet

The crops yearns for air, a fresh breath of freedom
For the land has been cursed with eternity of pain
Dreams lay strewn across the broken earth
The Nubian civilisation fades like the dust
Entering the black hole of endless destruction

Black –the only colour seen
Black as the far reaches of the colossal universe
Blackness that envelops the land

The woman and child tread past the pipelines
A track that leads them to a destination of hopelessness
Unable to change direction, they suffer for nothing
Suffering for those who claim to be people
But are barbarians that feast on the pain of others
And feed their hungry spawns

Yet all these Ogoni people crave
Is the tender caress of their sacred motherland


This concise video that give a clear insight into the lives of the people the situation in the Niger Delta and those who are campaigning to raise awareness to their situation.

Hear the words of Ken Saro-Wiwa “I accuse Shell and Chevron of practising racism against the Ogoni people because they do in Ogoni what they do not do in other parts of the world where they prospect for oil. I accuse the oil companies of encouraging genocide against the Ogoni people... The profits from oil come to Britain because it is their technology that is keeping Nigerian oil going. So they have a moral responsibility to intervene... My mission has been to inform the West of the truth of what is happening in Nigeria, which has been hidden from them. I believe if people knew they’d do something about it and stop this robbery and murder that is going on in broad daylight.”

The video introduces the The Living Memorial created by British artist Sokari Douglas-Camp CBE.
Click for more about this Memorial

Friday, 10 September 2010


Hey Z,
The site is looking wicked. I've just started getting into Facebook, more for networking and raising awareness than anything else. I was wondering if you could send me the pictures from the whole week, so I could make an album and also cut a video for the group and put it on the site. It would be  really good  to make another video with the group as well more performance based, Jane said platform have a camera so I'm gonna try getting ppl together again.

Also, I thought It would be good to put upcoming events that could be of interest to us, poetry slams, film festivals, guest speaker talks on the site. 
click to enlarge
Here's the organisation I was telling you about that I'm volunteering with

Our film group will be with Ana again for editing so if you have anymore ideas let me know. I could also take some pictures of the session or may be Rotimi could come down and take some if he's not busy.
Speak soon


 Hello all, lovely to see you last night and here is a forwards I thought worth posting up on our blog its a great media opportunity for anyone wants a career in media
Cheers, Nuha

MAMA Youth Project is a working production company and a registered charity which helps Black, Asian Minority and Ethnic groups (BAME) and deprived young adults between the ages of 16 and 25, get a start in broadcast television. 
We are actively promoting diversity within the television industry by giving free hands-on training to diverse young adults under represented within the industry and give young adults the essential work ethics, practical skills and attributes to have a strong chance of finding employment.
No experience is required! Just intensive training supervised by our staff trainers.
Our new ‘What’s Up’ TV Production Training dates are now out and we are currently recruiting.

Between Monday 11th October – Tuesday 7th December 2010

 8th OCTOBER 2010
Role  and start dates 

8 weeks from 11th October 10 
 Production Manager/ Video Editors (x2 places)
Sound or Camera Ops (x4 places)
7 weeks from 18th October 10 
Production Co-ordinator
7 weeks from 19th October 10 
Researchers (x12)
Deadline for ALL Applications: Monday 20th September 2010

A: Email your interest to Please state in email subject the exact position you are applying for.   
B: You will be then sent an application from to fill in and return. 
C: If selected you will be invited to be interviewed by the main staff that produce the show.   
D: If selected you will invited to the induction day and start on selected dates…
This is a great opportunity for your young adults to gain real work experience. At the end of their training they will know exactly what it feels like to go out and work on a television programme. Their confidence and self esteem will rise dramatically.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or my colleague Nilema Begum at our offices.
Best Wishes,
Dephna House, 112-114 North Acton Road, London, NW10 6QH
Tel: 020 8978 3797 Office Mobile: 07869 215 301

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