Friday, 28 June 2013

Official: Shake! Showcase At Least 18% Better Than Glastonbury

Gender issues get a lot of discussion here at Shake! so it was with interest that we saw this article today on the representation of women on the line-up at festivals.

We thought it only fair that we checked ourselves and with a hasty count-up and re-design of our Verse/Voice/Power poster from last Sunday's event we were pleased to find that we seem to have got the balance about right.

52% of our advertised line-up defined as female (a whole 18% better than Glastonbury) and if you factor in some unavoidable abscences on the night together with the closing performance from Shake! co-ordinator Farzana this is boosted to 64% - yes, by these statistics we're almost twice better than Britain's iconic festival.

Nudge to Billy Bragg for a Shake! slot for next year's Left Field maybe? :)

Check out some of the performances of the night here:

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Event: Shake! Showcase #2 Voice! Verse! & Power!

Voice! Verse! & Power!  is the explosive showcase from the participants of the second Shake! course. Featuring freshly created poetic, filmic and musical responses to injustice, the showcase will present an original and inspiring mix of political creativity. The event is FREE, but with limited capacity, it is important to get your tickets early! So get on down to The Albany in Deptford on June 23rd and join us for what promises to be an electric event. 

See you there!