#Shake2013 at the Stephen Lawrence Centre, February 2013

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Shake! 2010 participants:

Selina Nwulu
Shake has been a week of inspiring people, poetry and performances! I feel really privileged to have had the opportunity to come together with talented people  and performers and be inspired to write about things that matter. I feel this week has really invigorated my ideas and my desire to create and I hope to take this passion with me for a long time to come. This week has really motivated me and made me think of the future I want to lead and the way I want to live it.

Rotimi Skyers
My X-perience here at the centre was uplifting and different changing your view of Africa her culture, I learnt so much about the accomplishments and struggles of my people. It was also an outlet to let out your feelings of the way things are but also you find out your not in it alone and people do share your views and struggle.
Samia Aziz
One of the first things Shake helped me do, was to find confidence in my writing. This helped me personally record and write about my experiences of the student movement - pieces of writing which I am sure will remain with me for some time. Since the course last summer, I have maintained contact with facilitators and artists, who have offered insightful workshops around fundraising and social media. The artists have helped shape and improve my poems, which has been invaluable. I have also worked on producing the Shake newsletter and maintaining the blog.

Nuha Baruti

Fresh from finishing my architecture degree the SHAKE course was a platform for me to take my enthusiasm and passion for life, people and creating a better quality living environment forwards. The interdisciplinary creative outlet of the project drew me to it and during an inspiring week I've seen how poetry and music were used to explore themes I have developed film-making skills in the course to explore, present and share ideas. Fantastic and inspiring week wish it could be longer and reach as much people as possible. A great outlet for creativity in a positive and productive manner. What came to be clear was we all cared about life and people and wanted to create, share and celebrate a better place for all. Thank you SHAKE and the Stephen Lawrence Centre for making it possible.

Kavi Hewavitarne
I can honestly say that my whole experience with shake has been positive and inspiring, I have laughed, smiled and been moved by the passion creativity and awareness that everyone has shown this week. I have learned new skills, met new people and been introduced to new ideas. I want to collaborate and meet up with everybody on the course, which says a lot about how good shake was, bring on next year.

KK Johnson

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the Stephen-Lawrence Centre taking part in ‘Shake’. It has been a great experience working with poets, and other talented individuals. We’ve done many creative tasks during the week and people have had a chance to express themselves in poetry, music and film.
Wilhelmina Ogoo aka DJ Big Willie
Shake is unforgettable. The experience has boosted my confidence and allowed me to meet new people with different views of life. I was able to explore music from different cultures and learn more of the political issues taking place in the African continent and the exploitation of its resources by the west. All of this I found fun and interesting.

Tanya Parthipan
Being here at Shake this week has been a experience I will not forget. I have been engaging in activities that I know will benefit me in the future. The injustice and prejudice I have learnt through the stories of Ken Saro-Wiwa and Stephen Lawrence has truly inspired me and helped me get in touch with my creative side. Through these stories I have been inspired to write poetry.
Johnathan Richards
The Shake course has been a great learning experience. The skills learned over this short week are skills I can use again. I came on the Shake course to step out of my box and to try new things (to shake things up). From first day I fell in love with the course - the knowledge given to me has changed by views on things for life.

Hannah Clark

The last week has been absolutely brilliant! It completely reshaped my faith in humanity...  although I still don't have any hope for the politicians!
Kajost Hadad
Shake! has been a week overflowing with knowledge and creativity- a breath of fresh air for me amidst the mundane nature of everyday life. Highlights like hearing very personal poetry from people brave enough to share their art and working with DJ Eric have added to an experience that I will remember for a long time. The course has inspired me to channel my grief and anger about injustice into a force for good and I hope that I can too go on to inspire others in the way that the artists and organisers have done.

Kru Cambell-CLark
Nancy Luong
Amenah Waseme


Zena Edwards - Poet (©ViD) and Project Developer

Zena on the Shake! 2010 pilot:

It was a truly lively week and enlightening week. Their minds were focused and  fully  engaged  with the art forms and the topics that made me want to go read more  and brush up on my writing skills. The participants demanded that I up my game asking challenging questions, debating and then reaching brilliant solutions without me. As the leading artists we primed the ground, and that’s all we’re supposed to do. Till the soil and encourage the shoots to grow.

Sai Murray aka Sai Murai - Poet and Graphic Designer (Liquorice Fish)

Sai on the Shake! 2010 pilot:

What an amazing week it was - the SHAKERS definitely shook us up, touched our hearts, made us laugh, cry, smile, warmed our souls, surpassed our expectations... Super inspiring, life-affirming, and most enjoyable yo! Thank you all. I'm even more optimistic about the future now with you guys bringing da passion, fyah & there to SHAKE tings up. Boom.

Ed Lewis - "Sir Ed" - Politics and Education coordinator
DJ Eric Soul aka AFROGROOV 

Eric on the Shake! 2010 pilot: 

You guys totally rocked my week - would like to let everybody know about the amazing learning curve it was... your energy, engagement, creativity and knowledge was an inspiration and am looking fwd 2 more SHAKE session

Ben Amunwa - Shake! Mastermind (Platform)

Ben on the Shake! 2010 pilot: 

When SHAKE! began I was nervous about how it would all turn out. This was something of a first time for Platform, working with a group of young people on challenging global issues of race and environmental injustice. By the time we got to the showcase I was stunned by the creative transformations, impressed at what had been achieved and thrilled to see such a wide array of emerging talents making their voices heard. Of all the valuable things to come out, for me it is the friendships and connections, those feelings, that will have a lasting impact. 

I will be going to Nigeria in September to work with the activists who are resisting environmental and social destruction caused by oil companies. When I arrive, I will be telling them about the young people in London who were inspired and horrified and who want to know more about the story of the Niger Delta. I will show people in Nigeria the video and the poetry that was created in solidarity with their struggle. I will be exploring ways in which we can continue to connect - to bring this tragic global story closer to the next generation, right here in the UK. Through the blog, your ideas and messages can reach the heart of the Delta.

Jane Trowel - Shake! Coordinator 2009-2012 (Platform)

Jane on the Shake! 2010 pilot:

I've been turned upside down by this week. I've danced, analysed political documentaries, written poetry about whiteness, shed tears, and run up and down all those stairs like a yoyo...  and that's what I hoped for. I just wanted to carry on & on working with the group and learning from them and the artists. I was so happy that we were based in the Stephen Lawrence Centre with all that it stands for. Things felt fluid and experimental, and totally unexpected in the best possible way. Artist Chris Ofili (who incidentally created the designs for the windows at SLC) talks about planting mind-bombs in his paintings, and I experienced plenty of mindbombs this week, as a teacher and as an artist-activist. I want to keep in touch and evolve this much more. SHAKE! has been a crucial project for PLATFORM, to help us transform our practice around race & power and art, and in terms of meeting new great young people. I can't wait to share this fully with other colleagues.

Ana Tovey - Film Maker (Chocolate Films)

Ana on the Shake! 2010 pilot:

I feel really lucky to have been involved with a project that has touched the participants (and tutors!) so deeply, that has produced such creative and powerful work, and that has helped bring together a group of inspired and inspiring young people.